Rice and Curry, anyone?

Rice & Curry, anyone? Rice & with Jaffna Style Curry Chicken, Fish, Beef or Egg. Also Vegetarian. All meals Oil-free. Rs. 260 - Rs. 300 Takeaway. Please enjoy while food is still hot. Delivery?  Everyone gets why Wheelys Cafe deliveries are hotter! Wheelys Cafe special delivery/ takeaway packs keep food warm for over an hour. … Continue reading Rice and Curry, anyone?

Healthy Alternative To Fast Food

Healthy Alternative To Fast Food “Best Things in Life Aren’t Free – Just Oil Free!” We love fast food because it’s fast, tasty, cheap and convenient. They are cooked in oil or deep-fried in fat – meaning they were never healthy and at today’s prices, not that cheap anymore. Food at Wheelys Café, on the … Continue reading Healthy Alternative To Fast Food